There's no such thing as "user error". If mistakes are made, you need to examine the process or use a different approach altogether.

Redesigning Workout Modals for BowFlex's JRNY app

Improving how JRNY users confidently find and complete the right workout for them.


BowFlex JRNY App
Color Refinement

Improving the use of color in the JRNY app for simplicity, accessibility, and ease of navigation.

BowFlex JRNY App
Headphone Connect

Improving the process for connecting headphones to cardio machines within BowFlex's JRNY app.

Backpacker App Mobile Mockup

Backpacker App

(In Progress) Detailing how I designed an app to help backpackers plan and organize trips so they can spend less time worrying and more time exploring.

Transparent Path Dashboard

How my team worked with Transparent Path to build a shipments dashboard to help chocolatiers track their shipments and be notified of issues like melting or delays.


Malakye Signup

Detailing the steps taken to improve Malakye.com's signup process, including changes to the interaction design, the look and feel, and the copy.